I traveled to Copenhagen 3 years ago. While wandering Frederikberg, I saw a type shop (amazing that a city can support a brick-and-mortar business dedicated to selling fonts). That day I discovered a font I had seen for the first time and it formed the basis for the Sochat rebrand. Those are the unexpected moments of free association that make designers, designers.

Texting with benefits

I created the initial branding and logo design for a startup that aims to be the messaging app of America. The Brand Strategy Book presented the branding, audience, and look for Sochat. I designed the marketing website in concert with the rebrand.


iOS App Icon

At its core, Sochat tries to integrate the best features from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, GroupMe, WeChat and others to make a comprehensive messaging experience.


Master logo

I looked at the logo work from all the major providers, and provided a research analysis to the client. Based on that, we decided to go for an approach that was more related than different from existing chat icons. The large players all use the basic metaphor of chat (Snapchat being an exception), and we found continuity to be more valuable than difference.


A website for people who don’t visit websites

Sochat’s main user base was young and mobile-first. For that audience, a marketing website is seldom, if ever, visited. They mostly download the app from their personal network referrals. We settles on a website that was mainly a place to post jobs and make it dead simple to download the app from various app stores.

In situ

Graphic usage

The Brand Strategy Book provided samples of how the logo would work as a system on different articles.


Brand Strategy

The purpose of my work was to create the new direction and strategy for branding. The Brand Strategy Book offered analysis, comparisons, and before and after sections to help illustrate the direction things should go. Sochat used the strategy book for the basis of their final logo work.

Project summary

Brand Strategy Book for Sochat (now called “Look”)
Additional partners
Logo, branding, strategy, research, user interface, user experience, iOS app design, website design, website development
January – February 2016
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, LiveSurface Context