Organize the World

KonMari Media is the business extension of Marie Kondo’s organizing phenomenon, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-up. As their first designer, I handled the entire brand experience from digital to print: logo, photography, web, iOS, book covers, clothing, product design, and everything in between. The brand has since then grown into a new look and feel.


Keep the inside beautiful

Marie Kondo and her family of brands — KonMari, Organize the World, Spark Joy, and Consultants — interact with people through many different points of contact. But in each case, the brand should speak the same message.


The memories that the objects brought us and their meaning to us today. Do they spark joy?


Benton Sans forms the entire typographic language for Marie Kondo. With historical references and humanist curves, the open letterforms achieve perfect harmony with their surroundings.


Natural, honest, open. Materials should communicate their purpose and remain visible. They should be pure and unadulterated — closest to their natural state.


Objects with clear purpose and meaning are functional. Items do not need to be practical to have function.


Simplicity seeks to uncomplicate our lives: by taking away the items that slow us down or clutter our minds, we can seek emotional, mental, and physical simplicity.


Our color palettes are based on nature: muslins, sands and dirt, minerals, and the sky. No colors in our palette derive directly from black.


Audio cues uplift and please the ear. The best sounds enhance nature’s own silence.

Project summary

Branding for KonMari Media
Additional partners
Creative Director
Logo, branding, renderings, livery, product design, user interface, user experience, iOS app design, website design, website development, audio, packaging, product
September 2015 – January 2018