Secondhand never looked so good.

Creative direction at Twice.

Twice (acquired by eBay) was an online retailer of secondhand clothing. As Creative Director, I worked over the course of two years bringing the large variety of touch points together under a single visual language and brand.


The founder of Twice, Noah Ready-Campbell, was a high-school classmate with a friend of mine that worked at the startup I co-founded, Instore. When Noah and I first met in their dim, cramped warehouse space in the Mission, I was curious what two ex-Google engineers were doing selling used clothing.

During the course of the nearly 3 years I worked at Twice, I was surrounded by some of the most talented people I would work with. We moved the idea of used clothes from dingy thrift stores to the mainstream, and a big part of that was a great product, great customer service, and great design.

Design at Twice was about removing any stigma around used clothing. These items deserved a second chance, and our branding kept a clean and contemporary look. I took all the things we outsourced and in-housed them into twice: illustration, packaging, photography, video, brick-and-mortar, user interface, and print. We could make sure wherever a customer entered our product, they would receive a consistent and uplifting experience.

UX research? We did plenty. Multi-channel strategy? Name it and we were there (even radio). Dynamic teams? Our photoshoots had people from all parts of the company involved. Innovative product development? We flew drones in our kitchen to model clothing (not a good idea).

There were a lot of work and long nights, but in the end I had something that showed my pride for my work. (defunct)

User interface

Email, iPhone, iPad, Android, Web, Mobile Web

Consistent channels

Shoppers could check out from a number of different touch points. I designed interface elements that would work on any of our most popular channels. Small details like how filters worked and big problems like cart-consistency between devices were tackled by consistent user research and A/B testing.

Our checkout UX is basically five years in the future now
Noah Ready-Campbell
CEO of Twice


Building a Photography Team

From nothing to everything

I was most proud of our work in Photography. None of our peers had photography as well done as we did, and we all built it from scratch. At first volunteers inside the organization offered help, and after many shoots, we became an ad-hoc photography department fulfilling the needs of product and marketing.



Hand-drawn logo

Dave Foster drew a custom lettertype for the logo. We wanted a logo that was approachable and warm. It takes cue from early logos of Silicon Valley and the “signature” logos of storied department store brands like Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus.

Print and Packaging

Offset, Letterpress, and Foil

Creating a Tactile Experience

An added perk of Twice: physical products. I was lucky enough to produce packaging and print material as we rebranded Twice. I worked in different materials, printing methods, and distributors giving us a well-rounded (and cost-friendly) set of print supplies that never cut corners in quality or customer delight.


Supporting Marketing

Completely custom

Our two designers and myself worked to produce content on-the-fly and in-tandem with campaigns for the marketing team. I shot and managed all creative assets together with the team, which allowed us to make sure the same graphic identity would exist on all the places we would advertise.

Project summary

Creative Director of Twice
Creative Director
Logo, branding, renderings, livery, product design, user interface, user experience, iOS app design, website design, website development, audio, packaging, product development, video, photography
October 2013 – August 2015