A better way to a career.

Building a new chapter for MedCerts.

Legacy businesses often have strong products and loyal customers but they don’t resonate with new audiences or new ways of doing business. MedCerts faced this issue, but I worked closely with them over the course of many months to turn their brand around.


MedCerts builds new paths for individuals to start their next career move. They selected Punch to completely revamp their online web presence and become their technical partner. We always had the goal of owning the web and taking it from obstacle to competitive advantage in mind. I was lead client manager and designer on the project.

Over six months, I worked both on-site and remotely to deliver a success for MedCerts. Our design and engineering teams at Punch worked closely with the client to help them capture more leads and improve the user experience across the entire site with a total rebrand and redesign of their web presence.

We began with user research and internal focus groups to plan development and determine the new voice and positioning for MedCerts. A thorough produce timeline meant no area of the site was left untouched for launch and each of the client’s internal tools and APIs were integrated successfully. Post-launch employee training transitioned some parts of development to the client, while Punch remained a technical partner.

Site visitors
Increase in site visitors
Session length
Doubled session length on Site
Session length
Increase in visitor sessions
Conversion rate
Increase in site visitors
Bounce rate
Increased time before users leave the site

Marketing & website

Easy on the eyes and easy to update

A website redesigned from scratch

The new site put lead-generation first. Punch developed ground-up and creative solutions to integrate MedCerts’ many APIs seamlessly into the site (including a custom Hubspot form integration that just works). Under the hood, a powerful tech stack powers the work so that the management of landing pages, support, blog articles, news, and program touchpoints are centralized after years of being broken apart. When users visit the website there is now only one experience.

Just wanted to say job well done on the website. It looks incredible and everyone is very pleased. Nice work!
Jason Aubrey
President of MedCerts



A professional logo

For the logo, I veered towards the direction of university logos. As an online education provider, authority and trustworthiness are important to convey in a brand. The logo graphic (fountainhead) ends in calligraphic strokes. The flourish motif recalls growing grass or wheat: a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The all-capital letters and serif typeface are as storied as the the written letter is in the West. This could be considered going overboard, but the effect balances with the contemporary colors and overall design.

Color Tests


Honing in on the correct color

For the most part, color is chosen digitally today for digital work and only later is a print color found. This raises translation issues. I researched and considered the options best suited for porting a digital color to a physical ink like Pantone so that the experiences could remain as similar as possible. A certain eye training and patience are required to find the right color because screens output light while paper reflects light; they fundamentally interact with color differently.

Project summary

Rebranding for MedCerts
Client Manager, Front-end Developer, and designer
Logo, branding, renderings, livery, user interface, user experience, website design, website development (HTML/CSS), packaging, video, photography, mobile responsiveness
January 2018 – February 2018 (On site). March 2018 – September 2018 (Remote).