A new page in shipping logistics.

Website redesign.

Galleon provides shipping logistics for the business market. We worked together to refresh their website so that visitors would find their company to be modern, inviting, and easy to use — a breadth of fresh air in the world of logistics.


After running logistics for Twice, two friends of mine started Galleon. The idea was simple: make shipping fulfillment so easy and transparent that companies could optimize all their costs. Shipping companies make mistakes and Galleon makes it east to audit parcel invoices and recuperate costs with AI-driven technology.

You can imagine that this market does not pride itself on good design or usability. But the people who have to analyze this data are users just like anyone else: they deserve good software too. Galleon designed a simple and powerful interface for them.

My job was to make their website tell this story and give people the confidence and excitement to work with Galleon. To me, that is a design success: when people are happier and more productive.


Website refresh

An extensible template

Some website projects are large-scale. Others try to push the boundaries. Yet more often than not, many websites fulfill a functional need. Galleon’s design was kept simple and modular so that the co-founders could easily develop new pages and content without bringing in a designer again. Content sections are distinct and follow a predictable font rhythm. Websites that are simple to understand translate into simple experiences for end-users. Good designs can be made even with old tools.



Softening the edges

Icon illustrations were added to simply interpret the main features of the product. Icons in general are a good way to soften and great users into long blocks of text that might otherwise be rather uninteresting.

Project summary

Marketing website
Website design, icon illustration
November 2017 – February 2018