Safety for Smart Machines.

Branding, Naming.

Developing a new name and logo for the growth of Fort Robotics.


What will construction look like in a generation? Built Robotics develops solutions for the toughest problems in the industry.

Their first vehicle is autonomous, smart, and efficient: the ATL-74R. It takes the latest sensors from self-driving cars, retrofits it into proven equipment from the job site, and develops a suite of autonomous software designed specifically for the requirements of construction and earthmoving.

I have been working along with Built to develop branding, vehicle livery, and photography for the brand both for today and tomorrow.


Strength and Security.

Translating ideas into visuals.

I worked with Fort to rename and select a new name for their legacy business. Fort reflects the strength and safety their technology provides in the robotics industry. Once we settles on the name, I designed a logo to reflect to embody the name while proving practical in industrial applications.

Project summary

Branding and Naming
Branding, naming, website design, logo, corporate collateral.
December 2018 – July 2019