The social impact of artificial intelligence.

Branding exploration.

Exploring a design for a Stanford-based behavior lab.


The Artificial Intelligence Behavior Lab (AIBX) is focused on the technical and social impact of AI for mental health.

Branding a scientific lab poses challenges around audience and usage. Early explorations can help give firmer visualizations that teams can use to determine the best branding approach for launch — or even if a brand is necessary.

I worked with the lab in exploring a branding for their lab group.


Technology and People.

Pushing Legibility.

I attempted an exploration that manipulated letterforms for a dense and bold effect. Optical-art backgrounds further pushed the limits between human-readable and machine-readable and tried to explore what both a machine and human would see.

Project summary

Branding and Naming
Branding, logo
December 2017 – February 2018