Meet Machine

During the branding for Built Robotics, I created a purposeful, no-nonsense brand for a startup that aims to build the future of construction. Touchpoints included construction vehicles, clothing, print, and digital.


The future of construction

What will construction look like in a generation? I worked together with Built Robotics to develop a logo and brand that would straddle two industries: construction and Silicon Valley. Subtle adjustments to letterforms gave ownership to the typeface while preserving it’s optically sophisticated qualities. From the ATL-74R, construction livery, printed collateral, and on-screen design, elements of the brand carried over through all touchpoints. Forza is used nearly everywhere for type. The direct, straightforward cut of the letters is softened with Calibre in running text.

The flagship autonomous vehicle — ATL-74R — of Built Robotics needed to impress. We distilled classic construction hues but applied them in bold, contemporary dips of color. The effect is livery that is both familiar yet distinctly modern.

I worked closely with the video team and CAD designer to develop on-screen graphics of the user interface for use in commercial videos. Custom photography echoed the forward branding with saturated effects and clear angles. All the elements came together to create a direct and clear brand to speak to a new generation of construction equipment.

Project summary

Branding for Built Robotics
Additional partners
Maku Creative, Bilal Khan
Logo, branding, renderings, livery, product design, user interface, user experience, iOS app design, website design, website development
April – October 2017